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Traffic Violations & Speeding Tickets

Should you fight a traffic ticket?

Yes! Protect your driving record and your finances!

When a person is issued a citation for a traffic violation, they are often scared and confused. Many times they do not know what to do. They feel hopeless and think that fighting their ticket is a waste of time.

This is almost always wrong.

We fight traffic tickets aggressively. There are plenty of benefits of retaining a lawyer to fight your traffic ticket:

  • In most cases, you will not need to appear potentially saving you money or personal time from missing work days;
  • In the busiest traffic courts, you could wait around for hours before your case is called;
  • Some traffic courts hear tickets at 6 p.m., during the height of rush hour traffic;
  • Knowledge of the local traffic courts and what to expect;
  • David Arpino is a criminal defense attorney with prior experience negotiating with prosecutors on misdemeanors, penal law violations, and traffic infractions. 

What happens if I do not fight my ticket?

Pleading guilty outright can have a number of different effects. First, a guilty plea to a traffic violation is the same as a guilty plea after a trial. There can be other penalties as well. The DMV may assess points on your license. Under certain circumstances, the DMV may assess a driver responsibility fee. You also lose the right to appeal the ticket to a higher court by pleading guilty. These rights should not be given up lightly. And these consequences may be avoided by retaining an attorney and pleading not guilty. 

We represent clients with traffic violations in Long Island, New York City, and Westchester. 

Litigation for when you need us, intelligent counseling so you won't.

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