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No-Fault Insurance Collections

No-Fault Litigation or Arbitration 

We Represent New York Healthcare Providers 

We want you to spend time providing high quality care to your patients, not being bogged down with collecting your outstanding no-fault receivables.  It is not a secret, no-fault insurers make money by denying claims. No-fault insurance laws are highly regulated and were drafted with the intent of providing swift payment to healthcare providers. Unfortunately the legislation has failed to meet its lofty goals.

Our Goals

We want to help you get paid as quickly and efficiently as possible!

We want you to get back to treating patients, we will fight the no-fault insurers on your behalf!

We do not get paid if you don't get paid, it's that simple!

What separates us from other no-fault collection lawyers?

  • We have a secure client portal where you can: (1) review your claims; (2) receive status updates; (3) share documents; (3) and communicate with us.
  • We can also handle your other non no-fault collection receivables. Do you take no-fault authorizations? Do the limited exceptions in the no-fault regulations apply? Arnold Arpino has over 30 years experience in healthcare collections  representing a wide range of healthcare professionals in the collection of their non no-fault portfolio.
  • Have your no-fault collection and direct patient collection claims under one roof. Do not have to deal with the inconsistency of multiple attorneys offices. 
  • We will meet with you at any time or any place to discuss your no-fault litigation or arbitration options with you. 
  • We will advance your court or arbitration filing fees. 

We truly can provide holistic representation to healthcare providers. Not every patient you treat is a no-fault patient. Sometimes you need help collecting from uninsured or under insured patients. Most no-fault collections attorneys will not or do not have the experience to handle both your regular collection and no-fault collection claims.

Litigation for when you need us, intelligent counseling so you won't.

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