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Entity Level Tax Planning

Entity Tax Planning & Advice 

The first step when forming a business is to decide what type of entity is the best form for the business (for example, a corporation, partnership or limited liability company. Which entity is the best form depends on structure, liability, management and tax considerations. In any event,  non-tax factors usually are the primary considerations because in many cases a business entity can choose how it is treated for tax purposes.

Deciding on the best legal and tax structure for your company requires:

  • Considering the legal ramifications of types of entities;
  • Which type of entity has the lowest tax burden;
  • Ease of management and decision making;
  • Desired protection from debts and creditors; and
  • Any special needs for your particular type of business or industry.

How can Advisors in Accounting Firms and Law Firms ensure that all angles of forming an entity are being considered for the best tax consequences for the owners? Contact us today. Our attorneys will work with you and your clients to consider all of the business entity options for the best legal and tax consequences for the owners.


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