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We Are Mastering the Intersection of Law & Tech

We have a full service litigation practice capable of managing eDiscovery. Until recently, most eDiscovery litigation matters were large commercial transactions and disputes. Now, eDiscovery can be found in every single litigation from the $20,000 breach of contract claim to the matrimonial action, to a family custody dispute. Think of your personal and business activities today, how many paper letters are you putting in the mail? Likely not many, the majority of our communications are in the form or emails or text messaging.

We stay on top of the best practices to provide individualized advice to clients tailored to each litigation matter. We employ experts to to avoid disrupting our clients business or personal activities. This process is constantly updated and reviewed to meet deadlines, increase efficiency, and keep costs down.

By constantly focusing on the best practices in eDiscovery we see an improvement in risk reduction and other benefits. Fast and efficient means quicker turnaround at a lower cost, nothing makes our clients happier. 

How can we help with eDiscovery?

It is now a fact that eDiscovery is now apart of practically every contested litigated matter. You should seek an attorney who has the capability of handling eDiscovery in litigated cases. This will give you an advantage in any litigation. We have seen it in our own cases that we have litigated before. We have achieved favorable results during settlement negotiations because our adversary could not, or would not engage in electronic discovery. When there is an imbalance on different sides of the "vs" with eDiscovery knowledge, the attorney on the short side of that imbalance will risk having sanctions levied against them and their clients. 

Today, the right team to handle eDiscovery should include one or more lawyers competent in eDiscovery and technology.

We provide eDiscovery counseling to small to medium sized businesses. Our firm can process small batches of electronic data (100,000 pages or less). For bigger data sets, we typically retain a vendor or expert. 

New discovery rules have a big impact on corporations, large and small. Most smaller corporations are in “reactive” mode, dealing with eDiscovery issues as they arise. But the best practice would be to actively establish policies, both for records retention and managing eDiscovery in specific cases.

We can help your small business with:

  • Litigation planning;
  • Developing record retention policies;
  • Processing, reviewing, and producing electronic data. 

Litigation for when you need us, intelligent counseling so you won't.

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